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McWhirter & Associates is fully committed to protecting the privacy of the thousands of individuals who generously agree to participate in our research studies. As members of the MRIA (the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association), we adhere to the Standards and Rules of Practice of this organization.

Our responsibility to the public:

All of the field service companies we work with understand and adhere to Canadian Privacy laws and MRIA privacy standards, and have trained their interviewers to follow these laws and standards.

In quantitative research, our respondents' participation in our surveys is completely voluntary. Consent is obtained when a respondent agrees to participate; however, we also respect our respondents' right to opt out of a survey at any time without question. Respondents are identified in the data set only by a study-assigned respondent ID; no name, address or identifying information is ever linked to the responses given, and all responses are viewed in aggregate. No respondent contact information is ever shared or sold to another organization, and we will never use the respondent's personal information to market products or services to these respondents.


If a respondent has voluntarily provided specific contact information (example, for a prize draw), this information is used only for the purpose for which it was collected. On rare occasions we would release contact information if we are instructed to do so by the respondent (example, if they ask that the client resolve a complaint the respondent has identified during the research).

In qualitative studies (recruited focus groups or similar), only the respondent's first name is revealed to the client observing the groups; respondents' last names and other personal contact information are kept confidential.

Our responsibility to our clients:

We carefully guard our clients' privacy, and the proprietary contact lists they entrust to us. At the end of a study any contact list provided to us by the client is returned to them or is destroyed; the names on that list are never moved into another database, shared, sold or re-used by us.

Additional information:

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada  or, visit the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) Privacy Code 

If you have any concerns about our privacy standards, please address them in writing to:

Attn: Privacy Officer, McWhirter & Associates
40 Holly St. Suite 403 Toronto, ON M4S 3C3


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