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Qualitative projects are invaluable for discovering and exploring consumer attitudes, emotions, and behaviours. Our highly trained qualitative moderators are skilled at going beyond the obvious.

We develop qualitative research projects to uncover critical elements such as:

  • Emotional drivers
  • Insights into purchase and usage behaviour
  • In-depth understanding of category and brand
  • Purchase/behaviour influencers (initial and ongoing)
  • Reactions to stimuli (concepts, packages, advertising)
  • The consumer experience

We relate easily to people from all walks of life, and tailor the research program to any target group:

  • Focus Groups, Mini Groups, Super Groups
  • Idea generation sessions
  • Triads, Pairs, or one-on-one interviews
  • Ethnographic, including consumer shop-alongs and simulated shopping experiences

Our insightful analysis of the findings is delivered in a manner that not only provides clear direction, but also with awareness of your bottom line accountability.


Targeted Research Insights. Sound Business Decisions.

Due to their marketing and research expertise, the consultants at McWhirter & Associates understand the business issues and marketer's needs.


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