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The Q2 Optimizer™ is a combined approach research technique that offers:

  • The hard facts needed from quantitative research with
  • The rich diagnosis and understanding that is gained through qualitative research

This quali-quant technique is ideal for testing:

  • Advertising (all stages)
  • New Product Concepts & Positioning
  • Packaging & Promotions

Benefits to you?

  • Full diagnosis of marketing issues/questions
  • Normative data for comparison purposes
  • Clear focus on the decisions to be made
  • Fast turnaround of results
  • Combined approach can save money:

              •  Potential for fewer stages of research
              •  Materials can be presented at early stage


Targeted Research Insights. Sound Business Decisions.

McWhirter & Associates is one of our preferred market research partners in no small part due to their extremely well structured surveys that leave our team with a clear understanding of the scope and intricacies of the project.


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